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SOLVED: Need Help Configuring IBM 73LZX on Ultra Sparc 60

First off, thanks to everyone that responded.  Your hints led me down the correct path!
Problem in a nutshell:  I was using a new drive and it did not have a Sun Disklable on it.  Therefore, the Debian SPARC install did not know what type of drive it was.
Fix:  I downloaded the install disk for Solaris 9 from Sun's website and burned it to CD.  When my Ultra 60 was booting, I performed a Stop-A and 'boot cdrom -s' to boot it into single user mode.  I then ran the format utility.  I'm certainly no professional in 'format' so I won't even mislead anyone by giving them a step-by-step here.  I fuddled around with format until I could get it to auto detect the drive type, format it, partition it, and save all of the tables.
Then, reboot back into Debian (this time it saw the Sun Disklable) and deleted the existing Sun partitions.  Created my on partitions and viola!  Now onto new roadblocks. :)
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Subject: Resend: Need Help Configuring IBM 73LZX on Ultra Sparc 60

Sorry for the re-send.  My work e-mail address is not allowing incoming list-server posts.  So, I subscribed via my personal e-mail account. 
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Subject: Need Help Configuring IBM 73LZX on Ultra Sparc 60

I'm trying to load Debian 3.0r1 onto an Ultra Sparc 60 and I'm having a problem partitioning my second drive.


Info from probe-scsi-all:


Target 0

  Unit 0  Disk  FUJITSU MAJ3182M SUN18G 0804

Target 1

  Unit 0  Disk  IBM   IC35L036UCD210-0S5BS


When I partition the Fujitsu drive (SUN18G) Debian recognizes the drive and no problems here.  When I go to partition the IBM drive (73LZX) it can't auto-configure the drive.  The IBM website has a compatibility chart for the 73LZX and it lists the Ultra 60 as compatible.


I've searched IBM's website and cannot find all of the information I need to setup the drive manually.  I've Googled for the drive and I think I have some of the info I need.

My guesses are in quotations.


Heads (1-1024, default 64):  "6"

Secorts/track (1-1024, default 32):  "63"

Cylinders (1-65535, default 35001):  "4462"

Alternate cylinders (0-65535, default 2):  ?????

Physical cylinders (0-65535, default 35003):  "4462"

Rotation speed (rpm) (1-100000, default 5400):  "10000"

Interleave factor (1-32, default 1):  ?????

Extra sectors per cylinder (0-32, default 0):  ?????


Is anyone out there using one of these IBM drives on an Ultra Sparc?  If so, could you kindly direct me to where I might find the appropriate information to get this drive properly partitioned?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.






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