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Need Help Configuring IBM 73LZX on Ultra Sparc 60

I'm trying to load Debian 3.0r1 onto an Ultra Sparc 60 and I'm having a problem partitioning my second drive.


Info from probe-scsi-all:


Target 0

  Unit 0  Disk  FUJITSU MAJ3182M SUN18G 0804

Target 1

  Unit 0  Disk  IBM   IC35L036UCD210-0S5BS


When I partition the Fujitsu drive (SUN18G) Debian recognizes the drive and no problems here.  When I go to partition the IBM drive (73LZX) it can't auto-configure the drive.  The IBM website has a compatibility chart for the 73LZX and it lists the Ultra 60 as compatible.


I've searched IBM's website and cannot find all of the information I need to setup the drive manually.  I've Googled for the drive and I think I have some of the info I need.

My guesses are in quotations.


Heads (1-1024, default 64):  "6"

Secorts/track (1-1024, default 32):  "63"

Cylinders (1-65535, default 35001):  "4462"

Alternate cylinders (0-65535, default 2):  ?????

Physical cylinders (0-65535, default 35003):  "4462"

Rotation speed (rpm) (1-100000, default 5400):  "10000"

Interleave factor (1-32, default 1):  ?????

Extra sectors per cylinder (0-32, default 0):  ?????


Is anyone out there using one of these IBM drives on an Ultra Sparc?  If so, could you kindly direct me to where I might find the appropriate information to get this drive properly partitioned?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.






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