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Re: X on SS20

Torbjörn Olander <tosse@wlug.westbo.se> said on Wed, 14 Jul 2004 00:58:36 +0200:
> Hello
> I recently aquired a SparcStation 20 with a SM50 CPU module, 64MB RAM
> and CG6 framebuffer. I got it running with debian unstable and a custom
> 2.6 kernel, but I can't seem to get Xfree86 running (yes, I know it's
> slow but i just want to try it :-). I can't seem to find anything useful
> from the logs, and the sceen never shows anything, it just goes blank
> and then it freezes. I can log in with ssh and do some commands but I
> can't reboot it, since it stops somewhere in the process. Also if I run
> "ps" it shows most of the processes (I dont know if its all) but it
> freezes and never exits.

2.6? Wow! How?

It sounds like it is oopsing. Before doing anything, look at

So you'll ssh fine if whatever crashed was not related to disk and
network, but as soon as you try to talk to part of the kernel that
died, that process will lock up as well.

Why are you using 2.6? Perhaps you will have more luck with 2.4?

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