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Re: X on SS20

Le 15.07.04, Jan Houstek a tapoté :

| On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, Torbjörn Olander wrote:
| > > Why are you using 2.6? Perhaps you will have more luck with 2.4?
| >
| > The 2.6 kernel at least feels a lot faster than 2.4, and for the fun of
| > testing the latest kernel.  :)
| For 32bit Sparc, 2.2 is recommended and you may try to play with 2.6.
| Do NOT use 2.4, it's a nightmare, and with 2.6 out there, noone is going
| to fix it.

	Really ?
	I use it for several month and got no problem. Only X11 that
	made an error once : "watchdog reset" with an "ok" prompt that
	did not allow to "go" for resume.

	I use the 2.4.26 on a dayly basis without any major problem. The
	sound is a bit strange (with cliks every time I play something)
	but everything else works perfectly.

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