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Ultra10 IDE and Sarge Install

Recently I bought an Ultra10 and now I'm trying to install Sarge with
the latest (july 12th) net install

Installation completes just fine, but when it reboots I cannot boot:
     Bad magic number in disk label
     Can't open disk label package

Then it starts trying to boot from network, which does not succeed,
because I don't have that setup.

Booting from CD and then using 'rescue root=/dev/hda2' starts booting,
but then upon initializing disk and partition table it expects an SCSI
     VFS: Cannot open root device "hda2" or 03:02
     Please append a correct "root=" boot option
     Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 03:02
      Press L1-A to return to the boot prom

Can someone please tell me if IDE on an Ultra10 is supported at all?
And if so, can someone please give a lead (link to how to) or anything
else on how to proceed from here?

I really like to use Debian instead SuSe which was installed
successfully on this machine.

Sun Ultra10 UltraSPARC-IIi 440MHz

Thanks in advance.


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