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Re: Debian on SparcStation 20

Everard Brown <debian-mailing-list@perpetua.ltd.uk> said on Wed, 14 Jul 2004 00:58:11 +0100:
> On Tuesday 13 Jul 2004 23:44, Kelly Harding wrote:
> > I'm kinda assuming that once I get Debian installed on it it'll be pretty
> > much like Debian is on my x86 boxes. Is that the case? or are there any
> > special 'gotchas' with Sparcs?

I'm an i386 person, but it all seems pretty easy. I have a diskless
machine, and had to change the order of a few things in /etc/rcS.d,
and add a few things, but it is very kludgy.

Sound works, and I have a working X11. Pity the card is only 8-bit :)

> Not that I've noticed, except I didn't manage to upgrade to a 2.4 kernel yet - 
> but I blame my own inexperience and lethargy for that.

I couldn't compile a working vanilla 2.4 (it would oops and then panic
as soon as it was presented with any load), but I did install
debian's, and it works.

I can't compile 2.6 at all :) The elf2aout stage fails, perhaps size
related, although I did try to make the vmlinux file as minimal as

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