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Re: break signal (stop-a) doesn't work

Stop-A only works from the console. Try "1/vmlinuz console=ttyS0" at the
silo prompt. or set the input-device and output-device vars in your OBP.

Daniel van Eeden <daniel_e@dds.nl>

On Mon, 2004-07-26 at 00:40 -0400, maccorin wrote:
> hello.
> I run debian on a headless U60 (serial connection to install).  I would
> really like to be able to access PROM through the serial cable without
> having to reboot, but sending a break does not work as it should.  I
> have been searching the net for reasons why this wouldn't work and have
> only found to make sure that /proc/sys/kernel/stop-a has 1 in it, (it
> does).  Is there something I am missing that needs to be done for this
> to work correctly via a serial line?

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