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Direct rendering: No


Some weeks ago, on my Ultra2+Creator3D machine, I was running
Debian/stable with a 2.4.18 kernel.had to manually compile the DRM kernel
part, because the normal kernel compilation process wouldn't want to
compile it (with no warning or error, it simply was forgetted).
At this time, glxinfo reported 'Direct rendering: Yes', and glxgears
showed a nice 470 fps rate.

I then 'upgraded' to Debian/testing, to have more recent software, and I
switched to a 2.4.25 kernel. Now, the ffb driver compiles well, it can be
loaded, but glxinfo replies me a bad 'Direct rendering: No', and glxgears
is much more slower.

What have I done wrong? What can I do to have hardware 3D acceleration
again with my Creator3D FFB1? (except reverting back to stable)

Erwann ABALEA <eabalea@certplus.com> - RSA PGP Key ID: 0x2D0EABD5

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