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X on SS20


I recently aquired a SparcStation 20 with a SM50 CPU module, 64MB RAM
and CG6 framebuffer. I got it running with debian unstable and a custom
2.6 kernel, but I can't seem to get Xfree86 running (yes, I know it's
slow but i just want to try it :-). I can't seem to find anything useful
from the logs, and the sceen never shows anything, it just goes blank
and then it freezes. I can log in with ssh and do some commands but I
can't reboot it, since it stops somewhere in the process. Also if I run
"ps" it shows most of the processes (I dont know if its all) but it
freezes and never exits.
If anyone got a SS20 up and runnin Xfree86 with a 2.6 kernel I would
gladly have a look at your config files (X and kernel).

I also wonder what would be the best CPU upgrade for this system if I
intend to run linux on it. AFAIK HyperSPARC's doesnt work very well with
linux and sparc32 SMP on 2.6 is broken?
I'm considering a pair of SM71 modules or does anyone have advice for a
better choice?
RAM is also on my upgrade list.

Best regards
Torbjörn Olander

Sorry for bad english and asking questions in a strange way,
but I'm not very used to writing in english :)

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