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Debian on SparcStation 20


I recently aquired a SparcStation 20 (SM50 MBus module, 64mb ram, TGX
SBus graphics, 2x scsi hard drives (size unknown)).

I am wanting to put Debian on this system. the box didn't come with a
CD-ROM or floppy drive so I'm going to try to do a network install. It
also didn't have a monitor/keyboard/mouse, so using serial console is my
only option at present.

I have aquired for it a SM71 module and a FastWide SCSI/Fast Ethernet
SBus module also. I'm hoping to get another SM71 module for it shortly 

What I was wanting to ask was, are there any pitfalls and hardware
compatibility problems I should be aware of? I've browsed the 'net for
information and have read a fair deal and I think I should be able to
get it going ok. The lack of keyboard/mouse/monitor isn't a problem to
me as I intend to run it as a headless machine as I don't have enough
room on my desk with the stereo, printer and 21" monitor I use on my
Debian x86 box.

Any useful pointers or help would be appreciated.



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