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Re: What is best kernel/disto combination for SS20 SMP?

Hi all.

Linux on SS20 - received SIGCONT today ;-)

> > It shouldn't make any difference which distro you choose, it's the kernel
> > which is the problem. Compile the latest 2.4 from kernel.org and see if
> > that's any better.
> >
> > But as I say, I don't think these CPUs play nicely with Linux at all,
> > unless someone knows different?
> Well...I did a bit of digging and Keith Wesolowski (The Man, it would seem,
> when it comes to Linux kernel SPARC development) had the following to say
> as of January and there doesn't seem to have been much more said on the
> subject in linux-sparc@vger.kernel.org since then:
> "2.4 is more or less hosed.  I don't plan to fix it, no time.  2.6
> boots UP and seems to work as well as SuperSPARC given the limited
> testing I've done so far.  It may be possible later to backport
> whatever changes are made in 2.6, but frankly I don't recommend to use
> 2.4.  If you want to help development, use 2.6.  If you need first
> rate stability, use 2.2."

I played around with SS20 SMP kernel 2.4 for a while. My dual Ross 125 is no 
fun, my dual TI seemed to be better, but then I had hardware trouble. That's 
hopefuly solved, I have a set of SS5/SS10/SS20 and Ultra1's here waiting to 
dive into Sid and kernel 2.6. And -since last weekend - sufficient internet 
bandwith for online installation.

> That pretty much precludes any use of iptables as it depends on kernel
> 2.4.x and hence renders my new firewall/router machine kinda useless :(
> Ah well, guess it's going to have to wait in the loft until 2.6.x runs a
> little more happily on 32bit SMP or I might try my luck with 2.4.x

What can be done to help make 2.6 run - and to get it up and running early 
enought to be part of Sid? Regarding Sparc, it's not part of my job, so I 
only ave limited time to contribute. But I'd like to see it work ...

> Or I could put Solaris on it...

I had Solaris 8 and 9 on one of my 20's, feeling was faster than Linux.

> /me ducks to avoid incoming fire
> Gary



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