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[Slight OT]: Sparc64,32 cross-compiler on x86 - funny problem

I am building a Sparc32,64 cross-compiler on x86 for speeding up my kernel compiles
on Debian (Gentoo-Sparc & Aurora as well - but that's another story).
Please bear with me as I explain a strange problem that bites me - it has to do with
the GCC 3.4.1 build environment not working  with the runtime configuration.

During runtime I expect the following behaviour:

prefix = /opt/sparctools
target = sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu

<prefix>/bin/<target>-* are all the cross-tools
<prefix>/<target>/lib has 32-bit libraries copied from a live system
<prefix>/<target>/lib64 has 64-bit libraries copied from a live system
<prefix>/<target>/sys-include has headers copied from a live system

sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc -m32/-m64 are supposed to pickup the correct libraries in
lib/lib64 respectively and can successfully create binaries. By some trial
and error this actually works.
[I want a cross GCC that has the same configure params as the native GCC so I have --enable-shared --enable-threads=posix --enable-languages=c++ --enable-__cxa_atexit
--disable-checking --disable-libunwind-exceptions - as a result
target binaries/headers are needed during the build - it looks for pthread.h/libc.so etc etc]

The thing that bites is the runtime configuration doesn't work when creating the cross-compiler:
the cross-GCC build process is expecting target files as follows:

64-bit: <prefix>/<target>/lib and <prefix>/<target>/lib64
32-bit: <prefix>/<target>lib/32

Merely duplicating 32-bit stuff in lib/32 doesn't work - lib/ must contain 64-bit stuff the fallback to ../lib64 doesn't entirely succeed - although the build proceeds to completion the resulting installation is faulty - some libraries reference a __gmon_start__ symbol as U (unknown) leading to link errors
when I try to use the cross-gcc.

Thus there is a mismatch in where the cross-build process is looking for target files and where cross-gcc expects to find them during runtime. So I have a horrible kludge - if I am building cross tools I rearrange the library
locations -YUKKKs!!!!

Is there a magic incantation for the cross-build process to tell make that 64-bit binaries are in <prefix>/<target>/lib64
and 32-bit binaries are in <prefix>/<target>/lib?

Thanks for reading this long post (and messy problem).


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