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CPU or memory problem


Last night, on my Ultra1 140E, I got several identical messages in my log

Jul 13 00:08:19 herisson kernel: CPU[0]: Correctable ECC Error AFSR[100000] AFAR[0000000012029210] UDBL[185] UDBH[0]
Jul 13 00:08:19 herisson kernel: CPU[0]: UDBL Syndrome[3f] Memory Module "U0601"

I know that this type or error can be caused either by the CPU, or the CPU
cache, or a memory module. Is there a document explaining the different
error codes, in order to try to spot the real faulty hardware?

The errors started at 21:23 yesterday, and ended at 00:08 today. Until
now, it hasn't occurred again, and I can't correlate this with some
exceptional events (high network or disk traffic, or excessive CPU usage,
...). This machine acts as my firewall+DNS+DHCP server.


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