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Re: Question, propably off-topic

Jurzitza, Dieter wrote:

Dear listmembers,
does anyone of the listusers know about a method to force KDE-logout after a certain inactivity timeout for people working at a specific workstation to avoid them blocking this specific terminal?
Basically: where would I ask such questions?
Three ideas pop into mind:

1) a custom script that runs in the background that watches for inactivity and logs the user out (difficult)

2) hack the screensaver so that instead of starting a screensaver, it logs the user out and starts the screensaver (easier - it looks like maybe you can change the "command line" in the deeper settings of KDE's screensaver windows)

3) look into KDE's "Kiosk" mode (or is that Knoppix's Kiosk mode? I'm not sure) to see if it has this functionality.

Sorry I don't have more specific info.


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