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Re: Direct rendering: No

On Tue, 6 Jul 2004 18:13:34 -0400
Mike Edwards <sauron-debian-sparc@psychology.rutgers.edu> wrote:

> Seriously, though - don't simply disable somthing that people are using -
> give the user a choice as to what behavior s?he wants.

It was simply not possible given the current way the XAA layer
is architected.  It's incompatible with how the creator3d
DRM stuff needs to work.

I discussed this with Ben Collins at the time I did the work,
and having the creator3d driver support render properly and
making the driver easier to maintain (by making it use the
XAA layer) was more important than the lousy 3d support.

Frankly, if any texturing is done, the software rendering is
in fact faster than when the DRM stuff on creator3d was working.
The only thing faster with the creator3d opengl support was
purely non-textured rendering, which is nice for pretty screensavers
but that's about it.

Like I said in my other email, I welcome contributions from people
to get the 3d stuff working again.

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