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Re: NFS problem

Quoth Andrew Sharp <andy@ccpu.com>:
> There is some info about this in the archives a while back I believe.
> It's a networking problem IIRC.  Try setting the MTU on the client and/or
> server to something lower, and/or fiddle with the [rw]size options of the

MTU was the same on all machines, also on the one that worked.
I changed it to a lower value but that didn't change anything.

> clients to smaller or larger sizes, and like that.  And make sure that
> all your machines have NFS packages (nfs-common, nfs-kernel-server)
> that are up to date with the version of the kernel that you are using.

Where can I find out if the versions are ok? I couldn't find anything
on the NFS site.

I'm using Sarge on the SS5 and on my PC, the SS5 runs with Debian's
2.2.25 kernel, the PC with a 2.6.7 that I compiled myself.

> Also check the settings of the controller on the SS5, is it FD, HD and
> like that.
> Are you running it UDP or TCP?

UDP. But thanks for the hint. I mounted the share with TCP and now it

At least now I know what to look at. So now I have to see _why_ UDP
causes this strange behaviour.

Thanks to all for their help.

Bye, Michael

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