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Re: NFS problem

On Mon, Jul 19, 2004 at 08:14:01PM +0000, Michael Rex wrote:
> Quoth Michael Rex <me@rexi.org>:
> > I mounted the share, copied a small file to it, everything went fine.
> > I copied a larger file (about 300kb), the process hangs and the latter
> > messages appear in syslog.
> After some more fiddling I found out the following:
> When I mount the share on my PC or laptop and write to it I run into the
> aforementioned problems. But when I mount the share on my SS4 it works
> fine.
> As I mentioned before, accessing NFS shares with my PC generally works
> fine. So now I'm really confused.

There is some info about this in the archives a while back I believe.
It's a networking problem IIRC.  Try setting the MTU on the client and/or
server to something lower, and/or fiddle with the [rw]size options of the
clients to smaller or larger sizes, and like that.  And make sure that
all your machines have NFS packages (nfs-common, nfs-kernel-server)
that are up to date with the version of the kernel that you are using.

Also check the settings of the controller on the SS5, is it FD, HD and
like that.

Are you running it UDP or TCP?


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