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[no subject] 2.6-test2 on unusual UE2 amalgamation of partitions. apt-get install kernel-source-2.4.21 arlan.o error 1 when compiling 2.4.21 on ultra 1 Bad memory? Big LVD160 disks on a SS20 (perhaps a bit off topic) build failure of bincimap cannot see my external scsi drives Cd r on debian Cloning over a Network compiling a new 2.4.21 kernel Re: Cross-compiling kernel for sparc64 on i386 Curious problem with a Sparc 20 Curious problem witha Sparc 20 Re: [Debian and v210] Debian and v210 Debian installed on an x86 Sun v60x box? Debian on Sun v210 Re: [debian-sparc] debian sparc fdisk question Discover and SBUS? Error on "immediate configuration (2) on libpam0g" upgrading to "unstable" Ethernet lockup with 2.4.21 GCC Status? gdb " no core file handler recognizes format" GUI on Sparc 2 help for debian on sparc How 'stable' is 'unstable' on sparc4u right now? Install images for newer OBP's Re: Install of Woody has problems Internal speaker volume and DMA on sunblade 100 Is there a 2.4 kernel version of the tftpboot bootfloppies install image? JBOSS on SPARC64,Any ideas for the exception error? where can i find another jsdk for SPARC? Kernel Panic when booting 1st Woody CD leo on the SS10? and various buggies.. mangle error using Shorewall v 1.4.5 on kernel 2.4.18-bf2.4-sun4u New install on a SPARC Ultra2 Openboot question Re: Openboot question -- Solution PCI Ultra ATA/133 card for Sun Ultra10 (possible?) (Sil0680) Re: Phoenix/Firebird on Sparc32? PHP4 primepower 200 futjisu-siemens RE : Internal speaker volume and DMA on sunblade 100 remove Request.. Resolution and Refresh Rate. Resume: Digital (ASIC/VLSI/FPGA/Circuit/IC) engineer; Application Engineer; MSEE, 4 years experience Re: Resume: Digital (ASIC/VLSI/FPGA/Circuit/IC) engineer; Application Engineer; MSEE, 4 years experience Run out of nocached RAM! kernel BUG at srmmu.c:397! sbus error on dselect using the scsi bus is hung Re: serial ports on Sparc 2. setting up cd a writer Re: Sharing swap with Solaris? Something is wrong with SILO v. kernel image on Debian3.0r0sparcbin-1 CD Sparc 10 sbus quad ehternet sparc32/64 kernel 2.6.0-test1 sparc32 sunkbd 2.6.0-test1 Re: Sparc 5 Debian Install Question SPARC 5 NIC sparc scsi esp depends on pci & hangs on boot SparcStation20 setup problems SS5 170 crashed with 2 S-Bus Happy Meal Status of KDE 3.1 in 'unstable' Strange ucd-snmp actions subscribe SunFire V880 SunPc card?? tftpboot.img and dmfe support Ultra 5 Xinerama Ultra Enterprise 2 with SMP: illegal instruction in grep unstable? Upgrade of kernel to 2.4.18 fails v880 and debian/stable vfc_dev.c errors compiling 2.4.21 on ultra1 [vipe: Re: unstable?] vore's buildd building packages against experimental glibc Woody on E10K xpdf and cups printing X server is not starting on Ultra60 X setup question The last update was on 20:06 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 248 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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