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Re: New install on a SPARC Ultra2

> First of all, is there a way I can get the compiled
> module for reiserfs, without compiling it myself? 

Not at the moment.

> Then, do you plan to ship future version of the kernel
> with reiserfs support?

To be honest, I've never heard any success stories of reiserfs on sparc.
I personally use ext3 on all my machines. I've heard all the horror
stories about reiser and big-endian machines. Maybe that's long gone,
but I have yet to get confirmation, and this is the first request I have
seen for it in about a year. So the demand is really low.

Best bet is to recompile your kernel with it. It's not that hard. You
only need egcs64 (gcc-3.2 if you are using 2.6 kernel, or building from
unstable), binutils and make, and maybe libncurses-dev depending on how
you like to configure your kernel.

If I get enough "works for me" in _private_ email, and enough requests,
I might enable it as an install option.

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