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Re: mangle error using Shorewall v 1.4.5 on kernel 2.4.18-bf2.4-sun4u

Huh? I'm guessing you installed the latest stable version (though it's hard to know, since you never mention what version gave you trouble). It says right near the top of the release notes:

"At install time, the kernel used is 2.2.20, however a 2.4 kernel, the latest stable branch is included for those who wish to benefit from it."

If you were expecting it to install with a 2.4 kernel, that's got nothing to do with Debian "looking unprofessional," "losing credibility," or being "stupid," and everything to do with your not paying attention to what you were getting before you installed it, and assuming it was something it isn't.

If you were expecting the latest and greatest... well, Debian stable isn't it, and never will be -- check out the "testing" or "unstable" branches, but don't flame the Debian maintainers when you didn't even take the time to glance at the release notes.

David Demland wrote:

Not only does it make our industry, as a whole, look unprofessional, but it makes each of us working in this industry lose credibility.

In short I think it was stupid that the new CD images did not install the newest kernel. I would hope that in the future these PR issues would be looked at.

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