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Re: Upgrade of kernel to 2.4.18 fails

On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 09:10:47PM -0700, David Demland wrote:
> Ben,
> I got the original images from one of the Debian mirrors. The problem is
> that there is only one NIC in it and I have to IP alias for the IP needed to
> route and IPChains does not support the IP alias. At least I have not been
> able to find a way. I have been told IPTables will support the IP alias
> better for what I need it to do.

IP alias support is built into 2.2 kernels, and does not require the ip_alias
module like 2.4 does, nor does it require any fiddling with ipchains. That's
why you could not find anything about ip aliasing in ipchains. Just do it:

 ifconfig eth0 <ip1> mask1>
 ifconfig eth0:1 <ip2> mask2>

 - Nicolas Dade

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