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Re: Sparc 5 Debian Install Question

try 'disk'

btw the sun site has heaps of info on bootprom.


On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 04:31, David Demland wrote:
> I have a Sparc 5 that I am trying to install a Debian Linux on. At the EPROM
> Prompt I type in "boot cdrom". This boots from the CD just fine. The very
> first thing the SILO ask is to boot from SCSI, IDE, or Other. The SCSI and
> IDE do not boot. This leaves me with the Other option. My question is what
> is the device name I need to use as the boot command? I am typing in the
> boot command "linux root=/dev/scd6" and this does not seem to work. What
> should I be typing in?
> David Demland
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