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Re: setting up cd a writer

On Sat, 2003-07-19 at 16:03, ayoj wrote:
> i am also trying  to setup my cd writer on debian ultra sparc 
> but finding it hard to find the modules 
> can you help ?

There is no ide-scsi module in the /lib/modules/2.4.19 tree for
UltraSPARC that I use.  There is an ide-scsi module in the 2.4.21 
modules tree.

After you have a kernel with the ide-scsi module, you need to add a line
to silo.conf like


in the section for your particular kernel.  This is for a CD-RW drive that 
is on the secondary controller set as master, i.e. /dev/hdc.

Note: I know that this append command works in lilo.conf on x86 boxes
from experience, but I am inferring from the silo.conf docs that
this same approach works on an UltraSPARC; I have not yet used an IDE 
CD-RW drive in Ultra hardware.

-- SP

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