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Re: PCI Ultra ATA/133 card for Sun Ultra10 (possible?) (Sil0680)


Thanks for the information. I guess I am not going to put more effort in this....

I regretted to by this box many time over, but I am going to make use of it anyway. (on the bright side this is the best looking box in my server room the shades of pink are really cool).

Looks like if I need real disk i/o, only way to go is scsi (I tried to stay on the cheap well did not work out).



Ben Collins wrote:
On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 01:40:36PM -0400, Gabor Szilagyi wrote:

I am new to sparc, so this maybe completely silly.

I am moving an existing server from Solaris 8 to GNU/Linux (Debian). As I learned more (from this list and other sources) I realized how crappy that machine is in terms of disk i/o (I paid big money for the machine on the advise of a Sun/Solaris fan).

The built in CMD64x chipset is really bad and slow. So I had this idea (maybe stupid), that I simple put PCI card card which support the new fast hdd-s. I happend to have a card with the Sil0680 chipset which well supported on the X86 platform.

I installed the card but it is not recognized at all (by the sparc64 stock image at least). I'd like to know if anyone tried this and succeded or failed. And first of all is it doable???

Not sure if the driver will work on sparc64, but you would ahve to
compile a new kernel with this driver enabled to even try.

Even if it does work in Linux, it wont work as a boot disk, since it
wont have Sun firmware on it. You'd have to boot from disk on the
internal IDE controller, or network boot a kernel image.

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