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Re: leo on the SS10? and various buggies..

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 19:29, synapse wrote:
> I've got a leo fb that I want to use.  Does anyone know of particular issues 
> using a leo with the SS10?  X reports that "screen(s) were found but no 
> usable configurations."
> also I tried all bit depths and the driver didn't seem to support them.  Is 
> this an X driver issue or an issue with the leo in the SS10...  someone 
> mentioned that leo framebuffers are "only happy in the SS20" but.. we all 
> know that computers don't have emotions..... any light shed on this would be 
> helpful.

I literally just swapped a leo back into my SS10 two days ago.  It
worked fine with console and X earlier with Woody and now with Sarge
(XFree86 4.2 I believe).

XF86Config-4 settings = 32 bits per pixel, 1280x1024 res.

Perhaps the anti-leo+10'ers are concerned about heat.  I don't run my
box for extended periods.  No heat-related problems -- it's very
reliable in general.  I put the leo in the upper SBUS slots, and I have
a network card below them.  Two SM51 CPU cards.  (Aside: This box is
very responsive under X with the leo.)

> I'm not sure if this is a kernel issue, but since I *just* got this box and 
> *just* got debian installed on it I'm not completely sure what the best 
> versions of whatever I should be using.

I think I'm using kernel 2.2.19 SMP.  The kernel's framebuffer support
drives the leo too, i.e. I see two penguins when booting.  No special
args to silo.

Do you see a Penguin?  Then your kernel is ok.

-- SP

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