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Re: [debian-sparc]


On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 woodland@a1above.net wrote:

> I just got myself an Ultra II Sun machine.

That's also what I have at home.

> I have, to best of my
> abilty, tried to load Debian on it. (Debian is quite different
> if your used to HR or SuSE.)

I'll personnaly add that Debian is 'better' than other distributions, but
I don't want to start a troll ;)

> Which Sun Graphics card driver would
> I choose for a Creator 3D Series 3 graphics card so I can have a
> GUI. Im new to the Ultra Linux and Debian.

The Creator/Creator3D cards are handled by the SunFFB driver, but this
driver can have several names. Which program asks this?

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