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RE: Upgrade of kernel to 2.4.18 fails


I got the original images from one of the Debian mirrors. The problem is
that there is only one NIC in it and I have to IP alias for the IP needed to
route and IPChains does not support the IP alias. At least I have not been
able to find a way. I have been told IPTables will support the IP alias
better for what I need it to do.


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On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 06:14:02PM -0700, David Demland wrote:
> Ben,
> I would like to run this build, but this is the only SPARC 5 and it is a
> firewall for a small network and I do not want a compiler on a firewall.
> What would be an other way I can do this?

How did you build the original image?

Also, if you are on a sparc 5, and don't want to mess with it much,
don't use 2.4.x, use an older 2.2.x kernel. Much more stable.

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