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Big LVD160 disks on a SS20 (perhaps a bit off topic)

		Hello Debian sparc guys

	First, before any bad comments, you have to know I'm a brand new Sun hardware owner.
	Owning a SparcStation SMp is an old dream I realize right now.
	I'm installing a woody on a SS20 2x150MHz
	The box came with 1x4Go+1x2Go HDD in the integrated form I dont know the name.
	The usual SCSI interface on the SS20 motherboard seems to be a standard SCSI II one.
	As I have several Ebay bided SCSI disks with the same kind of connectors I tried them. The trouble is that they are U160 ones...
	I do tried to connect a 18.2go 10k U160 IBM and a HP 36go 10k U160 (IBM OEM for sure).
	Then, the scsi chain restart again and again at the woody boot.

	So, I presume that these pretty too new disks aren't backward compatible with the Sun SS20 scsi integrated device.

	Any experience or clue to investigate ?



	(I'll be back for sure with more questions on the woody install. I have experience on Woody installs, but perhaps the devices are differents.)

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