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leo on the SS10? and various buggies..

I've got a leo fb that I want to use.  Does anyone know of particular issues 
using a leo with the SS10?  X reports that "screen(s) were found but no 
usable configurations."

also I tried all bit depths and the driver didn't seem to support them.  Is 
this an X driver issue or an issue with the leo in the SS10...  someone 
mentioned that leo framebuffers are "only happy in the SS20" but.. we all 
know that computers don't have emotions..... any light shed on this would be 

I'm not sure if this is a kernel issue, but since I *just* got this box and 
*just* got debian installed on it I'm not completely sure what the best 
versions of whatever I should be using.

thanks in advance,

Andrew B.

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