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Re: 2.6-test2 on unusual UE2

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003 11:24:15 -0400
Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> wrote:

> What's wrong with using /dev/sde as the root disk? Should be able to
> specify that in silo.conf without any problems.
> The thing is that the driver detects in the order that PCI probes. So
> lower numbered busses and devices get probed first. Likewise, lower
> ordered scsi ID's get probed first.

His problem is different Ben, it's finding the Qlogic vs. Symbios
cards in a different order in 2.6.0

Ie. in one the qlogic's get found first, in the other the symbios
cards are found first.

Something in the 2.6.x scsi makefile changes are causing this
to happen.

> 1) The compiler should help here

I don't think so :)  Especially since he tried this with egcs64
on 2.4.x which should work.

I think they just do the SMP boot sequence or cpu numbering different
in the OBP found on his box.

> 2) If you still get this, boot with the -p option on the OBP or SILO
>    command line. It will get you earlyboot prom output so we can see
>    where it stops.


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