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Re: Big LVD160 disks on a SS20 (perhaps a bit off topic)

Hi Rafael.


Last week I bougth a brand new SCSI drive, Hitachi (ex IBM) Ultrastar, 36 GB. 
Labeled as Ultra 320 LVD/SE SCSI. I just pluged it into an SS20 as the second 
drive. On boot, I get a message about missing SUN disk label, but the machine 
is booting without problems from boot drive (booting Solaris 8, my Debian 
SS20 is closed and in use right now).

What is a standard SCSI II connector? I don't have the info here right now. 
Maybe you try to connect to the wrong connector?

The SS20 has three SCSI connector types. External connector is high density 
SUB-D narrow SCSI (that's what I think from looking at it right now). 
Internally you have a standard 50 pin connector for the internal CDROM and 
two 80 pin SCA connectors (those ones with integrated power supply) for two 
hard disks.

Do you try to connect to the 50 pin CDROM plug?

If not, I could try with Woody, but not before next week.



On Thursday 10 July 2003 21:50, Rafael Pinilla wrote:
> Hello Debian sparc guys
> 	First, before any bad comments, you have to know I'm a brand new Sun
> hardware owner. Owning a SparcStation SMp is an old dream I realize right
> now.
> 	I'm installing a woody on a SS20 2x150MHz
> 	The box came with 1x4Go+1x2Go HDD in the integrated form I dont know the
> name. The usual SCSI interface on the SS20 motherboard seems to be a
> standard SCSI II one. As I have several Ebay bided SCSI disks with the same
> kind of connectors I tried them. The trouble is that they are U160 ones...
> I do tried to connect a 18.2go 10k U160 IBM and a HP 36go 10k U160 (IBM OEM
> for sure). Then, the scsi chain restart again and again at the woody boot.
> 	So, I presume that these pretty too new disks aren't backward compatible
> with the Sun SS20 scsi integrated device.
> 	Any experience or clue to investigate ?
> 	Thanks.
> 	Rafael
> 	(I'll be back for sure with more questions on the woody install. I have
> experience on Woody installs, but perhaps the devices are differents.)

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