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SS5 170 crashed with 2 S-Bus Happy Meal

The SS5 170 is my Masquerade machine.  It was running solid with Woody
before I replaced the second Lance card with the 2 Happy Meals.  I was
testing to see how much throughput I gain with the Happy Meal.

I ran "ftp" behind the SS5 using an Ultra 2 with Solaris 9.  Upload or
download would lock up the SS5.  I did not get any error from the console
since it is running headless nor anything in "/var/log".  It will not even
accept a [Break] key to escape to the OBP.  Both Happy Meals are good.  I
tested them individually in the Ultra 2 and got 9.5MB/s with crossover cable
to Windows 2k.

Has anyone seem this?  Any suggestion what else I should try?  Thanks.

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