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Re: help for debian on sparc

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 07:37:51PM +0000, openssh wrote:
> I am completely newbie on debian4sparc, and i have a simple question.
> I have to download debian4sparc for a friend of mine, 8cd, and send him
> by mail (not by email, but with mail).
> now i downloaded the iso, but i don't known which is the way to burn them.
> i have only winxp pro and nero burning rom.
> if i launch nero and open the isos and burn them by default it's ok?
> or do i have to set some special options?
> t.i.a.
> ps: please excuse my english but i'm italian....

They are raw ISO images. It should just burn them that way. If you burn
it, you should then be able to open the CD under winxp and see the

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