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Re: leo on the SS10? and various buggies..

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 13:59, Andrew Burd wrote:
> from what I understand all this old sparc hardware goes very cheap
> everywhere.. I think it's cool old stuff.. and it certainly works for what
> I'm using it for.. I decided to stick with the debian packages, installed
> 2.4.18 today and I'm doing NAT and running apache.  ...I've got 96M of ram
> in it.. and I'm looking for a CPU with cache controller on eBay and other
> places.
> For everyone's info.. if you don't know already.. www.workstation.net is a
> pretty cool resource for sun and sgi parts.. and other stuff.

Don't forget sunhelp.org .

> I'm pretty curious about the maximum whatever this SS10 can handle.. I think
> it's a neat little machine, and being a gearhead I always want to max it out
> whatever it is!

A pair of SM71 or SM81 processors, 512M RAM, a pair of 18G hard drives,
and an 10/100 ethernet card would be a nice complement to the Leo :^) . 
It all fits, and perhaps melts together.

> I'm probably going to give the Leo another shot.. but on the other hand..
> why not a Creator 3D??  can the SS10 handle it?

I believe that Creator framebuffers require an Ultra processor and a UPA

-- SP

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