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Re: Internal speaker volume and DMA on sunblade 100

On Jul 08 13:57, Marco Rodriguez M. wrote:
> I can not set the internal speaker volume on my sunblade, any one can
> help me please?

It works on 2.4.19. I saw that 2.4.22-pre3's code has been touch exactly
there, but I still haven't had a chance to try it. If someone does
before I do, please reply to this email.

> and there would be some day or it is working yet the DMA
> for IDE disks?

Does this still happens in 2.5?

Just for the record, I have one more bug that I would like to see
killed, and is that when you hit the sysrq keys more than 3 times, it
stays as if the keys were still pressed.

Alvaro Figueroa

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