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RE: cannot see my external scsi drives

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modprobe qlogicisp was the key
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From: Figaro, Nicolas
Sent: lundi 7 juillet 2003 11:18
To: debian-sparc@lists.debian.org
Subject: cannot see my external scsi drives

I installed debian 3.0 r1 and recompiled a 2.4.21 kernel fine.
but I still can't see my external SCSI drives on a sunswift SCSI adapter (it works
fine on solaris).
the network interface on teh same card works great, but I can't see those disks
(or perhaps the old solaris partitions are not recognized).
but there is no sd message in the var/log/message file.
I searched through search engines and debian mailing lists, but I found no info about sunswift
has anyone tried (and succeeded) to plug a harddrive multipack on a sunswift card before ??
thanks for sharing the hints to the newbie I am.
nicolas figaro

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