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Re: PCI Ultra ATA/133 card for Sun Ultra10 (possible?) (Sil0680)

On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 01:40:36PM -0400, Gabor Szilagyi wrote:
> I am new to sparc, so this maybe completely silly.
> I am moving an existing server from Solaris 8 to GNU/Linux (Debian). As 
> I learned more (from this list and other sources) I realized how crappy 
> that machine is in terms of disk i/o (I paid big money for the machine 
> on the advise of a Sun/Solaris fan).
> The built in CMD64x chipset is really bad and slow. So I had this idea 
> (maybe stupid), that I simple put PCI card card which support the new 
> fast hdd-s. I happend to have a card with the Sil0680 chipset which well 
> supported on the X86 platform.
> I installed the card but it is not recognized at all (by the sparc64 
> stock image at least). I'd like to know if anyone tried this and 
> succeded or failed. And first of all is it doable???

Not sure if the driver will work on sparc64, but you would ahve to
compile a new kernel with this driver enabled to even try.

Even if it does work in Linux, it wont work as a boot disk, since it
wont have Sun firmware on it. You'd have to boot from disk on the
internal IDE controller, or network boot a kernel image.

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