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Re: leo on the SS10? and various buggies..

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 23:19, Brian C. Miles wrote:

> What is this "leo" hardware you speak of?

leo = ZX or TurboZX framebuffer.

> I've thought of installing Solaris, just to see if their X implementation 
> has some sort of acceleration for this hardware (i.e. to see if it's even 
> possible to get decent performance out of the hardware).  As I understand 
> it, XFree86 4.x has no acceleration for the CG-14.  Should I give up on the 
> VSIMM and try a leo?

The low level leo driver in XFree86 4.2 source has several accelerated
functions, and cg14 has none.

If your system is limited by drawing speed, a framebuffer with an
accelerated driver could make a big difference.

Someone tried to sell three of these on eBay recently, and got only two
takers at US$5 and $15. (plus $15 ship each).  Another seller got $15.50
+ $8 ship.  At these prices an experiment is cheap.

-- SP

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