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Re: Something is wrong with SILO v. kernel image on Debian3.0r0sparcbin-1 CD

Hi Gabor.

No need to burn images.

It's just a while ago I had to solve that problem. I checked it yesterday 
before I answered your question, but I did not wait long enougth to see the 
error message when CD boot started.

You are right, you have to specify a root device. Take that one specified in 
/boot/silo.conf on your CD.

In /boot/silo.conf you will find a line specifying the initial ram disk. Use 
that. This means, you have to type:

/boot/sparc64 initrd=/dists/.....

Doing this I get the Woody installation init screen. I stopped when it came 
to initialize the hard disk :-)



On Wednesday 23 July 2003 03:41, you wrote:
> Hi Hartwig,
> That seems to do work from the boot prompt.
> But I do not have yet a system so there is now / (root) and since this
> is bypasses the silo.conf (it seems) it quits at the end of booting the
> image.
> So how I can do the install this way, I mean how the initrd will be
> loaded and from where. Or can I do the install with the rescue label
> Sorry, asking this details, I am not new to linux at all but never had
> any problem this kind (with lilo or grub).... also this is my first
> attempt of installing debian.
> I am an avid Slackware user. I  installed slack on anything from 386dx,
>   Dual Pentium Pro, all kinds of Pentiums, laptop (486SX) from floppy,
> over nfs anything you can thing of. I still like Slack but Patric
> stopped the Sparc port for some time...
> Thanks in advance,
> Gabor
> PS the final solution would probably to burn my on ISO (which I wanted
> to avoid so I just ordered one

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