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Re: Status of KDE 3.1 in 'unstable'


On Sun, 13 Jul 2003, Ben Collins wrote:

> > I thought by moving to 'unstable', I could get KDE 3.1.  But when I
> > tried to update, I got this message below.
> Looks like some packages are not yet built for sparc. Just means you'll
> have to wait. It is "unstable" :)

These packages are krita and kuickshow. And the packages koffice and
kdegraphics that they're part of, are actually meta-packages. You can
safely install all subpackages in it, omitting krita and kuickshow,
and you'll have a working kde3.

On one machine, I had to symlink /usr/local/share/applnk to
/usr/share/applnk before it would correctly display koffice icons,
and before QT3 Designer would work, I had to follow #182189.

Apart from that, I think it works fine.


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