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SparcStation20 setup problems


I guess here are some Sparc experts and I wanted to install Debian anyway :)

I got some sparc components.
I conntected a serial terminal (labeled VT520) to it the SS20 and it shows
up the first boot messages just fine, so I guess that the serial connection
is working.
There is a keyboard connected to the terminal screen and I also have a sparc
keyboard that I could attach directly to the SS20.

It tells me that those are TMS390Z50 CPUs in slot 0 and 2. Then that "Power
on self test (POST) is running ...."
However, then screen is slowly filled with random characters, some only
displayed as bold '?'.
Does anyone have an insight, what's going on and can help me to fix it?

If I then type something, it's also displayed as junk.
How can I get to the BIOS before that all happens?



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