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RE : Internal speaker volume and DMA on sunblade 100


> I can not set the internal speaker volume on my sunblade, any one can
> help me please?

I have found nothing to set it, so I opened my blade and unplugged the
speaker, and now I feel much better :)

> i'm runing kernel 2.4.21 with no dma parameter to the
> kernel and i'm running that way since almost 10 month from 2.4.18, and
> that makes my sunblade to run slow. Would like to take greater
> performance of this machine.

I believe DMA is causing problem with the DVD drive and not with the HD
(at least in my case). So you can enable DMA only for disks in kernel
config : there is an option like "Enable DMA only for hard disk" (or
something like that) in IDE section (since kernel 2.4.19 or 2.4.20, I
don't remember).


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