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2 questions Re: 2.2 kernel "flavors" needed for i386 -- any list? 2.2.12 kernel apm ANNOUNCE: Laptop-HOWTO 2.2 apt-get upgrade brakes X on vaio... Bleh! win modem on my presario 1920 Boot Failed with Debian >= 2; Toshiba Boot Failed with resc1440.bin ChemUSA (ASUS) 7300, Sound Problems (Yamaha) configuring mouse in X11 Debian GNU/Linux Supported Laptops? Re: Debian on Sony 505TX Debian Slink on Toshiba 2100CDS X-Screen update Debian/X on Toshiba Ecuador LUG? [Was: Re: Need Floppies for Compaq] Error compiling PCMCIA modules Re: Ethernet-Card for Laptop A few questions about the Tecra (a20) problem floppy/ftp install anybody? graphics tablets and usb Re: hi. Re: How to change the background highlight in Netscape searches ???? HTTP installation... install on 505 Install slink via plip Jini1.0.1 and JDK1.2.2rc3 on debian kernel Lucent winmodem on Debian? Mail note - for the Laptop-HOWTO ? mail signature maxdata stanford notebook Modem on Apple Lombard Re: Multifunction cards functioning... er, multiply? Need Floppies for Compaq network intermittancy Off screen online with Sony 505 PCMCIA 3.1.[78] vs 3.3.1 pcmcia ethernet cards PCMCIA problems ( system crashing) PCMCIA problems on TI TravelMate 5300 PCMCIA/modem: trouble with `chat' Potato on laptops Re: Potato on laptops -- wvdial RE: PPP on Sony 505 Problem with my apmd daemon ! Switching pcmcia ethernet cards Time problems after suspend Toshiba T1910CS unresolved symbols in pcmcia modules v3.1.6 vaio 505 install again where are resc1440tecra.bin and drv1440tecra.bin? x2x not keeping 'to' machine awake XF86Config... Xircom RealPort Ethernet/Modem on Debian Yamaha Sound (Was ChemUSA/ASUS 7300) The last update was on 10:10 GMT Sun May 19. There are 196 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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