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Re: online with Sony 505

On Sun, Dec 26, 1999 at 11:28:40AM -0300, Dada wrote:
> Greetings
> After trying everything still I can't go inline with my Sony Vaio 505TX.
> So, I guess the question now is if somebody have the same computer,
> installed Debian successfully, and made the modem work.

Check with the page from "Linux on Laptop" They said that modem should work on
this Model. Can minicom dial to your ISP, I mean get some initial link with
the ISP. If yes, then it's your chat/script/connection method that fail.

> StillI don't have sound - which even not so essencial, will help to listen
> when 

Also sound should work with sb modules.

> the modem is dialing-and still I have to read my email from the Windows
> partition.
> As I told here before, I have already tried ppp, kppp, xisp, and wvdial
> I am using Slink now. (I would love to move to potato using apt sometime)

Check your modem with minicom first, post some results.

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