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Re: Yamaha Sound (Was ChemUSA/ASUS 7300)

On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 03:12:14PM -0500, John_J_Neff@colad.com wrote:
> True VERY true, I have Debian on a desktop and I was convinced the sound
> was horked.  BUT NO.  I just had to turn the sound WAYYY UP!
> I was interested in waht type of mixer software I could use to turn it up
> from teh PC prior to reaching the speakers.  Ay other suggestions on mixer
> software?  (Sorry this is a little off latops per-se but it is on topic...)

The "standard" (?) sound mixer that comes with debian is called xfmix, and
runs as "mixer" from the Debian menu under X (submenu: sound).

apt-get install xfmix

The volume you might want to increase to max is "PCM", rather than "VOL" or

An alternative is to set the volume under RealPlayer (package realplayer),
which also sets the volume for the whole system.

There should be a way of setting the volume by default when the sound
module is started up (an entry in /etc/modules/sound, perhaps?), but I
haven't figured this out yet.  Anyone know how?


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