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Jini1.0.1 and JDK1.2.2rc3 on debian

In case anyone out there uses debian for developing jini1.0.1 
on jdk1.2.2rc3 where java -version is green threads and nojit.

if you can't start lookup service when the laptop is not connected to the
Everything miracously works when connected to the network using dhcpcd

the solution is mention on the jcp issues on javasoft.com as my friend had
helped identify the culprit.

simply add multicast settings to the route because Lookup discovery relies
on it.

route add -net netmask gw
he mentioned to use set it as a script to use when not on the network cause
it shouldn't be
set when you are on a network ....

netstat -nr will show the new setting changes.....this should help newbie's
in my boot out there.


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