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Re: unresolved symbols in pcmcia modules v3.1.6

dfparsons> By the way, how many Debian laptop users are on potato and
dfparsons> keep up to date with the latest packages?

i haven't done a survey, so i don't have any hard numbers :-)

i run potato and keep packages up-to-date on a toshiba satellite 2520.

i've also run potato on the thinkpad 240, 600, 600e, and 770ed models,
and the hinote ultra 2000.  i tended to keep packages up-to-date on
them.  even though i'm not currently using these laptops, i know some
people who are (anyone around me who i can 'convert' -- or i provide
support for).  

btw, we're all using 2.2.13, and all of us compile our pcmcia modules
manually (more out of ignorance concerning how to use kernel-package
w/ modules).

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