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Re: floppy/ftp install anybody?

Recently installed on a ThinkPad 570 with no CD...

I wound up using the "from a DOS partition" method.
I had to do it this way because none of the four different
resq images would boot. My machine just kept restarting.
I guess my TP requires a zImage instead of a bzImage
(b=big, i.e., over half a meg). I think this is called the "tecra"
bug? The tecra and tecra-safe resq disks ought to have
worked but they did not, even with floppy=thinkpad and
a bunch of other boot parameters that I tried.

But the DOS partition method worked just fine and I got
slink installed okay. It did end up installing  a kernel
that again, would not boot! So I still had to use loadlin
and boot from a zImage kernel on the DOS partition until
I could compile my own >500k zImage kernel.

Since then I've made 2.2.1 and 2.2.12 kernels that boot
just fine. When 2.4 comes out I hope it still will be possible
to make a kernel that is less than 500k.

Good luck!


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To:   debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
Subject:  floppy/ftp install anybody?

I'm planning to install Debian on an old IBM ThinkPad
(75MHz Pentium, 540MB HD, 8 MB RAM) which does NOT
have a CD-ROM drive. It has a floppy drive. I'm
looking for any information that I can find on doing
the install
through floppy disks or ftp. I would appreciate it if
you have (or someone who you know has) done this and
are willing to share the experience (steps/install
procedure, pitfalls that I should look out for,
suggestions, etc). Thanks.


PS: I'm apologize if this is a newbie question and has
been answered a thousand times before. Please point me
in that direction.
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