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Re: Potato on laptops

On Fri, Dec 17, 1999 at 04:49:09PM -0300, Dada wrote:
> Still I have not been able to get the modem or sound card to work
> under Linux on my Sony Vaio 505 TX.
> I have tried xisp as somebody suggested here, and I get a message
> ' pppd returned 1!' when I try to dial.
> I have tried kppp and I got the message
> 'pppd is not properly installed!'

Did you try wvdial?  I found that that worked for me while pppd was

> > I do a 'dselect
> >update; apt-get -fudy dselect-upgrade' every morning and generally
> >upgrade.
> How do you do that ..?  I am new Linux user. 

Have you set up apt?   You have to enter the address of the ftp server you
want to connect to with the path to the Debian distribution into the file
Then you type
    apt-get update
to update your list of available packages,
    apt-get upgrade
will upgrade all your packages to the latest versions.

By the way
    apt-get dist-upgrade
will upgrade from slink to potato.

Like they already said, you can also keep your packages up-to-date using


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