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Re: hi.

Shiryu wrote:

>Is the lombard a good computer for Linux?
>well suported?

 The Lombard is a *stunning* machine. I am running Debian potato,
 which stability has improved a great deal in the last two months.

 The port of Linux to the powerpc architecture is not a trivial
 thing, but I would say that it mostly succeeded. With the only
 exception of the modem, which I am trying to fix today, all the
 other devices are working well, Ethernet and DVD included. I have not
 tried the USB and the SCSI yet (the scsi is recognized at boot time).
 My only remark is that the video is slow (but it is *lightning* fast
 under MacOS, so I the X driver needs to be optimized a great deal).

 So, I would recommend it! In case, I discourage buying the
 super-floppy; it hangs on Linux as well as MacOS. A better bet is
 probably the ZIP drive, although an (external) Magneto Optical drive
 (Fujitsu 1.3G) or a DVD-RAM would serve better.


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